Culligan Water Softener

Here is why a highly efficient Culligan water softener system might help you:

culligan water softenerEach household has lots of appliances generating hefty utility bills each and every month. We all know this is not avoidable. We need to wash, cook, we need lighting and heating as well in our homes. However there are ways to reduce the costs of these. It worth the effort as the money you save adds up nicely over time.

Many people is using high efficiency machines nowadays, (dishwashers, washing machines, energy saving lightbulbs…etc.) saving a lot of money each year. On the other hand, many of these homeowners ignore the quality of water coming from the pipes. Hard water may cancel out the benefits of energy efficient devices, that using water due to limescale building up in those machines.

Here is some info on Culligan Water Softener:

While soft water helps your household appliances do their job more efficiently, according to studies by Water Quality Association, hard water causes their failure. Just think about that, you buy an expesive, high-efficient washing machine or dishwasher, and either you need to de-scale it every month or you scrap it in half a year.

If you have a water softener installed, it can actually improve the lifespan and performance of your household appliances, and saves you money on the long run. Again, not just your washing machine, dishwasher, etc, lasts longer but it takes less energy and chemicals to do the same job as if they were running on hard water.

The benefits of using soft water doesn’t stop there, it makes your appliances do better job as well. Studies indicated that, washing machines running with soft water are almost one-hundred times more efficient at removing stains than with hard water. Also tankless water heaters last longer and use less gas to warm up the water passing through the pipes within as scale build up will not reduce their efficiency. Nevertheless it’s not that easy to de-scale a water heater device, is it?

Soft water is better for your skin and hair.

Here I must mention that hard water does affect your health as well. No need to be scared though, as it’s not that serious, but I just want to mention it here to make you aware. Hard water dries your skin and makes your hair limp and lifeless, as it contains calcium, magnesium, maybe some iron as well, which clogs some of the pores of your skin. So it might benefit your health as well as your wallet to have a Culligan water softener system installed.

To maximize your savings, Culligan high-efficiency water softener is an excellent choice. It’s a pretty smart device, it regenerates only the exhausted part of the water softener resin, using less salt than other water softener systems. It comes with a bypass valve, that is very easy to use. It automatically adjusts itself to any water conditions, monitors daily usage of water, salt levels, and comes with advanced system diagnostics, and many more…


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