Iron Water Filter

What is an iron water filter and what does it do?

In the ground soil there is always iron. When it rains from the sky iron will seep into the well and the ground water, as water is always going through the Earth. This is why there is iron in our drinking water.

Iron water filter is used to treat a business or a home for a point of entry. This can be a two-step process. An oxidant is introduced, like hydrogen peroxide, ozone, chlorine, or even air. This will cause a reaction for minerals that are undesirable to physically come out of the water. Then, the filter will strain out the manganese, iron, and hydrogen sulfide out of the drinking water.

Water can only be pushed through the iron filter water softener so fast. If the water softener’s flow rate is abused or exceeded, the iron will bleed through the water. Then, the water is unfiltered. This a major problem when it comes to iron water filters.

A person has to make sure the iron water filter that is chosen will match their water flow where the system will be used. But, if a person lives where there are high concentrations of manganese, iron, or hydrogen sulfide, then a whole house iron water filter has to be used.

This is where those ugly orange colored rust stains are seen in the bathtubs or coming out of your faucet. Do not drink water when it looks this way! A person is also washing their family’s clothes in this. Using a whole house iron filter water softener will protect all the plumbing and appliances from this problem. The iron water filter needs to be attached to the cold water line not the hot water line.  If the problem is bad, a post carbon and pre-sediment treatment will be needed.

Iron water filter solutions

There is one new solution to this problem of iron in the drinking water. It is called Crystal Clean. The water softener will remove the iron from the water, but it just settles in the filter when the iron is removed. Then, the iron will build up and this is where stains will start appearing. . The more iron that is in a person’s water, the faster this build up will happen.

Iron and oxygen are attracted to each other when it comes to water softeners. This creates a very strong bond that needs to be broken. So, an iron water treatment would have to be used. A compound that is stronger than the fused iron and oxygen to break the two apart from each other is the only solution.

Crystal Clean attaches itself to the water softener and feeds itself into the system to break the iron up and prevents a buildup of iron along with preventing stains and foul odors.

If a person wants to use a traditional iron filter water softener, they will have to be constantly serviced at around three to five years of use and can cost up to $1500 to have installed.

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