Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico Water Softener Review

Here is our story with a kinetico water softener system:

A few weeks ago me and my wife Laura, decided to install a water softener system because our water is very hard in our region.So after looking at several companies: Kinetico water softener, Culligan, Laugil and made inquiries about the products being sold. We finally opted for a water softener brand Kinetico Mach 2050  with the capacity of 22 liter.

You could ask why Kinetico, there are tons of hard water solutions on the market, and it is not easy to choose. So here are the benefits of Kinetico’s water softener, that helped us decide in comparison with other systems:

The system is volumetric (on this point right now all softeners are), it regenerates the resin after a certain volume of water have been consumed (to avoid wasting water).

The consumption of water and salt is reduced during regeneration, since for the regeneration of resins, the system uses soft water instead of hard, so regeneration is faster and takes less salt and water. So, this model is not like the more expensive salt free water softener.

Why do we need water softeners? Let’s see what Kinetico has got to say about that:


Kinetico water softener does not need electricity!

Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico water softeners work without electricity unlike many other electronic water softener. That means, there are no problems like failure of electronic card as it happens on Culligan water softener systems, and no need for setting the time of resin regeneration following a power cut out.

The water is softened continuously since it is a 2 tank system each resin 11 liter, they operate alternately to treat the water. When one softener resin is regenerating, the other is still providing soft water.

The system requires no maintenance, so just put salt in it and change the filters once they are dirty (a maintenance contract can cost several hundred bucks a year on some water softener systems.

The system is guaranteed for 10 years for kinetico water softeners parts and labor movement (in case of failure a technician is on hand to solve the problem, for others such as Culligan softener warranty is only just one year!

The system is compact (WxHxD: 203x584x432 mm or like a large tower PC)

Then, for drinking water, Kinetico proposes a different system with a filter that removes the odor and taste of water to avoid buying bottled mineral water. This is not a reverse osmosis water softener system because you can’t get hold of it for less than 2500 dollars and that kind of system is mainly installed in hospitals, no need for such a system for us. This model of a kinetico water softener suits the best for our needs, for our home.


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