Potassium Chloride Water Softener

The Sodium Alternative: Potassium Chloride Water Softener


Potassium Chloride Water SoftenerIf Hard water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium dissolved, then you might want to consider having a potassium chloride water softener system installed.There are a huge variety of systems available on the market nowadays, makes it hard to make decision.


The simplest -and cheapest- sodium chloride water softener systems adds salt to your diet, which makes it the least healthy option. It’s not the best for the environment too. The amount of salt is very low though, but it still affects people being on low sodium diet.

This can be avoided by using potassium chloride in the brine tank, instead of nacl water softener. While it works the same way as nacl water softener, it has several benefits to that. Not just the wastewater will be suitable for irrigation (as potassium is source of nitrient for plants), but additional potassium to human diet is also beneficial.


Water softener maintenance, top up salt

The only difference in the technology is in the brine tank, potassium chloride is being used instead of ordinary salt. The mineral tank is flushed with this solution.As the hard water passes through the mineral tank, the calcium and magnesium ions exchanged with potassium and adhere to the negatively charged resin.Finally, it needs to be regenerated which means flushing it with the brine from the brine tank, then let it go down the drainpipe.

Where To Buy Potassium Chloride Water Softener?


Cost could be a kickback, compared to traditional water softener systems, as potassium chloride water softener pellets costs more than sodium.However, you can easily get it from WalMart, or there are several brands available like morton, cargill, natures own potassium chloride.

For example, Diamond Crystal Pellets water softener salt, 40lb costs $7.49 at ace hardware, but Natures Own Potassium Cubes for Water Softeners, 40lb is $21.99 at ace hw. Potassium Chloride at Lowes could be a bit cheaper than that, but still much more expensive than pure salt.

There are other solutions for water softening, not just adding salt to the drinking water. But that is a more expensive, more sophisticated, modern saltless or no salt water softener system. Nevertheless, potassium chloride water softener is a good choice for those, who don’t want regular salt in their drinking water.


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