Water Softener Salt

water softener salt

Water Softener Salt

If you own a house or rent an apartment, you are probably familiar with what a water softener salt, is.  In layman’s terms, a water softener acts to turn the hard water from the city or from your well into soft water that can be used in everyday applications such as bathing, cooking, and drinking.  Hard water is any water that contains too much calcium or magnesium.  Hard water can cause a variety of problems inside your home, but the main two problems are as follows:

It will leave calcium deposits on nearly every surface it touches.  This can cause massive problems for your home, from clogged water pipes to dirty pots and pans.When in contact with soap it forms a thick and disgusting scum that coats all parts of your body.  In essence it defeats the purpose of bathing because you are left in a dirtier state when you’re finished.The one solution to the problems above is to transform your hard water into soft water. To do this you will need a water softener along with water softener salt. A water softener works by replacing the magnesium and calcium ions in the water with sodium ions. Since sodium ions do not precipitate, it will not stick to pipes or cause scum to form when bathing.

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How does water softener salt work?

When water comes from the ground, it is naturally hard and contains deposits of calcium and magnesium.  When it comes into your house, it needs to be softened so your family can use it.  It runs through a water softener which allows the water to run through a bed of sodium chunks.  The sodium (the water softener salt you purchase at the supermarket) acts to replace the magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions.  After the water has run through this bed of sodium, it is then transferred to the rest of your home and is safe for use in a variety of situations.

Because of the importance of having softwater in your home, it is imperative that you always keep your water softener full of water softener salt.  When the water softener gets too low, it will not work effectively so soften your water.  It is important that you check your water softener at least every few weeks to ensure it has an ample supply of salt.  It is a great idea to purchase your salt in bulk to save money on the price and ensure you always have a proper supply built up.

What about water softener salt ingredients?

Water softener salt is basically made of sodium cloride, however there are potassium-based products available on the market. Potassium chloride water softeners are recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure.

Tip #2: Here is a few brands: Culligan, Morton, Cragill, Somat, Nature’s Own water softener salt.


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